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The History of Palais Chotek

1871Start of construction

Start of construction of the Palais Chotek, which is built by Lothar Abel for Otto Graf Chotek in the style of the New Vienna Renaissance.


The Palais was completed for Count Chotek's daughter, Sophie Chotek of Chotkowa. The palace was intended for Count Chotek's daughter, Sophie Chotek von Chotkowa, the wife of heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. Together with her husband, the princess became the target of the 1914 assassination attempt in Sarajevo, which was the decisive trigger for the First World War.

1891Friedrich Otto Schmidt

The company Friedrich Otto Schmidt rents the building as a studio for home furnishings.

1906Friedrich Otto Schmidt

Friedrich Otto Schmidt (FOS) acquires the building. The company was one of the leading furniture designers of the Gründerzeit and collaborates with renowned artists, including Adolf Loos. Countless palaces and mansions are furnished by FOS over the decades.

1945Damaged during WW2

Shortly before the end of the war, an English aircraft bomb destroys considerable parts of the main building, as well as the side wings and the rear building. FOS builds workshops for furniture production on this site.

2016A new beginning

Est Hotels & Residences acquires the building. The Austrian family business restores the palace with great attention to detail and effort (see "Our plans" for details).

2021Estimated Completion

Estimated completion and opening with 165 rooms