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Palais Chotek Vienna

Ground floor and grand staircase

The ground floor will be adapted to modern standards: Modern elements will be integrated into the existing structures with the help of experts in order to preserve the charm and spaciousness of the palace and at the same time create space for a pulsating, fresh bar and reception concept.
In the inner courtyard, the spacious garden creates an oasis of tranquillity with exotic plants and its own fountain.

State rooms on the 1st floor (Bel-Etage)

The old, partly severely damaged panel parquet is removed, carefully sanded, oiled and in some places restored to its original condition. Stucco and frescoes are generally in good condition and only need to be restored to their former condition in some places. The old windows are treated and re-glazed, wall coverings are carefully cared for.
This part of the Hotel Palais Chotek will also be accessible to our guests.

Guest Rooms

The rest of the Palais was badly damaged during the Second World War and was not restored to its original condition. Today, however, this gives us the opportunity to create rooms that guarantee relaxation and comfort, sustainability and soundproofing, as well as meeting the highest standards in terms of technology and design.
The hotel has 170 rooms and is expected to open in spring 2025


*At the moment we are only showing pictures from before the reconstruction.